Thursday, 17 April 2008

Popular Posts - the Best of All True

Although many say that even the best of this blog is rubbish (and they may very well be right), a few brave souls have wanted to seek out certain posts but had trouble finding them.

So for you, here's the compilation of the century:

All True: Greatest Hits
(Now That's What I Call Nonsense!)

General observations / silliness:

All True Horoscope - a revolution in horoscope technology

International Star Wars Day - May the Fourth be with you!

Top 10 Inventions: Because sliced bread ain't all that - 10 things that make modern life worth living

Top x whatevers - on the future of tv and the danger of compilation programs (yes, I know this post is a compilation too...I've become what I hate..argh!)

That's gonna really bug me - you know those moments when some piece of trivia is on the tip of your tongue but you can't quite remember it?

Coward praised for bravery - a tale of a hero, and reasons why you can't trust news graphics

One for the Lovers - a Valentine's poem that is more sticky than sensual

The Chav's Lord's Prayer - a special prayer for the UK's favourite Burberry-capped ne'er-do-wells, the Chavs

The Joy of Socks - a conspiracy unmasked!

Cake or Death - choose now!

Science, pseudoscience & religion (may contain rants!) :

Life energy isn't real! - why alternative medicine should be careful with its terminology

In the Beginning - a rough guide to explain the universe from the beginning right up to us

Got a brain Jim? Then you don't need Brain Gym - why taxes shouldn't be spent on pseudoscience in our schools

Transplants: Heart & Soul - why, if you just think for a minute, its obvious our personalities and memories aren't stored in our hearts

Silly pictures

Lol Lord - putting the Judge back into Judgement Day!

Silly Picture Special - random pictures, united only by their silliness

Products They Never Made - you can probably guess why

If men had periods... - they'd use this

Think of the Kittens - natural selection happens, whether you like it or not!

Altered Lyrics

Gordon Brown - dancing around

Atheist In New York - inspired by the way "atheist" is a dirty word in some parts of America

Catholic Angels - a Catholicised version of Angels

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