Wednesday, 13 February 2008

One for the Lovers

At work we've been given a chance to win some romantic prizes by writing a 100 word poem. My chances of winning are quite low, because this is my poem:

It’s Valentines, love’s in the air
(but please don’t get it in my hair)
A time for romance and amor
(and who could really ask for more?)

Raise a glass of champers to the morning mist
(on an empty stomach it’ll get you p*ssed)
and hear the birds sing songs of love
(then get kinky with a rubber glove)

Even before you’re gone, you’re missed
(You’re near the top of my Wedding List)
A minute without you is a minute wasted
(now let’s get my turkey basted)

I’ll try and woo you with some Chaucer
(But if that doesn’t work I’ll have to force ya)
Look into your eyes and say “je t’aime”
(then spoil the mood with some REM)

...and they say romance is dead!


Rose said...

What a poet you are. ROFL

Alltruism said...

We should all be makin' poetrees not factorees! ;-)