Tuesday, 7 July 2009

More Unfortunate domain names

Further to a previous post about unfortunate domain names, which included molestationnursery.something (it's Mole Station Nursery, not molestation nursery!) and penisland.something (it's Pen Island!), here's some more:

www.lesbocages.com - It's actually French, Les Bocages, and something to do with trees. It's not Lesbo Cages, and if you thought it was you've got a sick mind :)

www.sydneytherapist.com - This is actually the website of a therapist based in Sydney, Australia. It isn't a page about SydneyTheRapist.

www.nobjs.org - It's actually North Of Boston Jewish Singles. It isn't No BJs.org.

www.blackhatebook.com - This site sounds racist, but it isn't really a Black Hate Book, it is actually Black Hat eBook.

www.oldmanshaven.com - This is actually a site offering cabin rentals in a place called Old Man's Haven. It isn't something sick about a shaven elderly gentleman.

www.nycanal.com - This is about canals in New York (NY). It is not about anal in New York City (NYC).

www.americanscrapmetal.com - This is about Scrap Metal, it isn't suggesting people from America produce metal poos!

www.ladrape.co.uk - More French language - it's La Drape. Not Lad Rape.

www.budget.co.ck - This is actually about cheap car rental in the Cook Islands. Not about cheap cock. Sorry.

www.plumbersexmouth.co.uk - This is actually about Plumbers in the town of Exmouth. It isn't a plumber offering their mouth for the pleasure of others.

I think this was on the last list, but here it is again - www.whorepresents.com - no, this site cannot help you choose a gift for any whores in your life, but they can tell you Who Represents a particular celebrity.

This was on the last list too, but is still one of my favourites - www.expertsexchange.com - it is really an Exchange for Experts, not a site offering expert sex change services. Sorry if I got your hopes up.

www.speedofart.com - no, this is not about passing wind in skimpy swimwear. It is about the Speed of Art.

Monday, 6 July 2009

I'm in the Top 100!

Somehow my random rants have got me into the Top 100 writers over at Searchwarp.com.

Ben Morrish


Top 100 Author!

Ben Morrish Top 100 Author on SearchWarp!

Some great writers over there, even if I tend to disagree with most of them on pretty much everything, so it's an honour for me to be in their Top 100. Thanks to all who've read my articles there!

Searchwarp - Writer's Community

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Guess Who (with Samuel L Jackson)