Friday, 18 April 2008

Your Horoscope for today!



The All True horoscope includes several advances over the old-fashioned conventional type you can see in many magazines and papers.

Using amazing techniques developed through centuries of patient study by men and women all over the globe, we have been able to not only increase the accuracy to almost 100%, but we have also been able to compress the unwieldy twelve categories of the conventional horoscope into just one!

But perhaps the most incredible advance over conventional horoscopes is that the All True horoscope can be re-used every day YET WILL STILL RETAIN ITS ACCURACY!

Sounds impossible I hear you say....but I invite you to see for yourself:

(Jan 1 - Dec 31)

Events will happen today, and may be good or bad.
Your ability to communicate, if possessed, may help in any interactions with other members of your species, should there be any.

Mars, the red planet, will likely continue orbiting the sun entirely oblivious of your existence, but then Mars, in as much as it can be said to have a personality at all (not much, as it doesn't), is a master of obliviousness.

Venus, the goddess of feminine razor blades, is a fictional entity, but that won't stop the identically named planet continuing to possess a corrosive atmosphere and unpleasant surface temperature!

Stars across the heavens will spectacularly fail to notice you today, as they did yesterday too but don't let them get you down - interactions of physical objects a little closer to home will likely be more significant factors in how today pans out for you!

The galaxies will continue their cosmic dance today without taking time-out to offer you vague financial advice or hint that you will meet a tall dark stranger (which, with Saturn ascendant may or - with mighty Jupiter in the House of Fraser - may not, happen today).

To find out more about what will happen today, please experience it.

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