Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Yes, it's April Fools Day, so keep your eyes peeled for deception.

So far, I've only spotted five website April Fools (although this may just mean I've fallen for the others I've looked at).

World of Warcraft's website has announced a new character class that fights enemies using the power of ROCK. Get your gullibility guitars strapped on and check it out HERE. This April Fools gag goes to eleven!

But it doesn't stop there...those generous folks at Blizzard Software have provided a second April Fools hoax as well - Molten Core, Spectrum style.

The BBC have also done an April Fools Day piece - witness the fabled Flying Penguins who migrate to tropical climes:

Two more April Fools include RyanAir's saucy offering - http://www.ryanbare.com and WestJet, who announced they were going to turn the overhead baggage storage into sleeping spaces for business customers:

And this one from Virgle, an unholy union between Virgin and Google that offers you the chance to start a new colony on a distant world!

If you've spotted any other April Fools gags on the Interweb, let me know!

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