Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Men Are Useless

..or at least may soon become redundant when it comes to procreation. Scary stuff if you're not sans testicles... but can sexual reproduction (of sorts) work without males?

It appears the answer may be yes.

This article explains why..here's some of the key snippets:

Artificial human sperm could come to the aid of infertile men, according to
a team of German scientists who have used lab-grown sperm to inseminate

Artificial sperm could also make males totally redundant, permitting women to give birth without a biological male mate.

Dr Wolfgang Engel, director of Human Genetics at the medical

"If it works in the mouse, I'm sure it will also work in the human."

Dr Engel says if sperm can be grown in the lab, it would be possible to
take early germ cells from one woman, turn them into sperm cells, and use those to fertilise the egg of another woman.

But Dr Engel said his team will stop short of tests on humans in compliance with federal law in Germany which bans all genetic research using human stem cells.He said one member of his team has gone to Newcastle, England, to conduct research on artificial human sperm.DPA

So, are the days of us males numbered? Is science about to take us out of the gene pool?

You might think it looks bleak, with a women-only world just around the corner. But fear not....I think us blokes will be around for a few generations yet.

Despite this breakthrough, I think us men are safe.. at least until science produces a vibrator that can hug ;-)

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Rose DesRochers said...

Let's hope not though some men should never ever have children.