Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Funny YouTube music vids

Death Metaller Abbath (from Immortal) gets the Scissor Sisters treatment. He don't feel like dancin':

My first Misheard Lyrics video - Fall Out Boy's I Don't Care:

My second Misheard Lyrics video - Fall Out Boy's Disloyal Order Of Water Buffalo:

My brother's Misheard Lyrics video for Lady Marmalade:

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Typographical Symbol or French Cartoon Character

Can you tell the difference between a commonly used typographical symbol and a popular French cartoon character?

It seems most people can't, as you almost never hear anyone pronounce, or spell, the word asterisk correctly.

An asterisk is a typographical symbol, and it looks like this: *

For some reason, most people refer to the asterisk as an "asterix".

Asterix looks like this:

Do you see the difference?
One is a small star-shaped punctuation symbol, the other is a cartoon Gaul with a winged helmet.

It isn't just individuals that make this mistake, large companies often do too. Here's a bit from a current NatWest competition entry form:

"Fields marked with an asterix are compulsory". Ok, fair enough. But not a single field is marked with the famous mustachioed French man, so it seems they should all be optional, but they're not.

As if this common failure wasn't bad enough, it seems most people are actually guilty of a spectacular double-fail where the mighty asterisk is concerned. Not only do they think it is called an asterix, they also think that the cartoon character of the "same" name looks like this:

This individual is not an asterisk. He is not an Asterix either. He is called Obelix.

Here's a handy guide you can print out and keep:




Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Cashback - its super!

I just got paid over £25.00 for switching to a cheaper Broadband provider.

I was going to change over anyway, but because I clicked through to the new Broadband providers site via TopCashBack, I got lots of money back!

This sounds quite dodgy, but it's genuine - check out for an explanation of why companies make such generous payouts for switching.

Sign up with TopCashBack if you're planning on changing to a different electricity supplier, a different insurance provider, phone provider, or broadband provider and you'll get a nice lump sum back.

It's free to join so there's no risk - the worst that could happen is the cashback doesn't work and you end up no worse off that you would have been. It is quite rare for this kind of failure to happen though. Chances are, you'll get money for nothing!

Sign up with TopCashBack here - and I'll get £2.50. And you'll get a big saving on your next switch!

You can also earn cash back on loads of online purchases through the big-name stores - if you're planning on buying something, you'll probably get a percentage back if you buy it through a link on TopCashBack!

Go on, you know it makes sense.

Like the song says - "Money for nothing. And chips for three". Or something like that