Thursday, 14 February 2008

Another One for the Lovers

In a desperate last-ditch attempt to win the prizes, I've thrown together another attempt for my work Valentine poetry competition. With 2 entries, I double my chances. Cunning or what? Which means that my chance of winning is now 2x0, which

Je t'aime, mon petit pois
I've watched your beauty from afar

Our love will last for ever more
a magic wonderful amor

One day we must be married
across the threshold you'll be carried

We'll get all kinds of lovely gifts
delivered from our Wedding List

With all our cups will be a saucer
and with our tea'll be poems by Chaucer

and then we'll both remove our thongs
with Rutherford silver serving tongs

1 comment:

Alltruism said...

And another bonus entry:

It’s Valentine’s, so may I force ya
To let me ply you with some Chaucer
(While we drink tea from cup and saucer!)

Since I saw you I’ve always wished
You’d be delivered to me by my favourite Gift List
(We’d be thinking of china-ware while we kissed)

Your amazing beauty I adore
It makes me think “je t’aime!” ...”amor”!
(But when you’re near I can only manage “phwoar”)

Its Valentine’s, and here’s my heart
Let’s get together and never part
(And learn that nudes aren’t always art!)