Thursday, 15 May 2008

Election Pledge - An end to unwanted teenage pregnancy

I've just been watching a program called Britain's Youngest Grannies. One of them has been a grandma since the age of 32.

Most of them wish they had not got pregnant during their teenage years.

But fear not - should I win the election and become Prime Minister I'll get this problem solved immediately.

Here's my solution:

Force manufacturers to put this:

into this:

...problem solved!

I take it I can count on your vote at the next election? ;-)

Leader of the All True Party - the only party that offers simple and effective solutions to all society's problems!


Rose said...

I won't be voting you in the next election.

soul_biscuit said...

It's best the makers of that program didn't travel to Alabama, where the average grandmother is about 15 years old (give or take.)

Kav said...

Wow, you must have been to Mansfield. I'll vote for you.