Monday, 31 March 2008

Rock Puns

Welcome to the All True Rock Puns Challenge! There's no prizes, apart from the simple joy of visual puns ;-)

See if you can guess the bands these pictures represent:






6. This one might be tricky as this band only existed for a few months so you've probably never heard of them, but I liked 'em ;-)

That's all folks! If you're stuck on any, don't be afraid to comment and I'll see if I can give you a clue ;-)


gillian said...

1. aerosmith
2. Grateful dead
3. metallica
4.loved this one. I also thought i was the only person on this island who had heard of. . . Crosby, stills & Nash
5. Velvet underground (thought it was the blue nile at first.
6. I remember the website better than the band. Rebellion Blonde.

gillian said...

Dagnabbit... Got 3 and 4 round the wrong way. Please forgive me as i'm going blind typing this out on a text key pad on a mobile phone. Wee g x

Alltruism said...

6/6, its almost as if you'd seen my Rock Puns somewhere before ;-)

Dan O'Mahony said...

I actually thought number 1 was hot chocolate.