Saturday, 5 January 2008

January Sales

I've just been to the city centre to experience the January Sales.

If you enjoy pushing your way through crowds of people who teeter around confusedly, as if they were giant fleshy bowling pins that had just been struck by a bowling ball (i.e. you - the only thing that seems to have a particular direction it wants to go), you'd have loved it!

But I suppose that in the minds of each of those pins THEY are the bowling ball.

As an additional bonus, despite the "70% Off" signs, bargains were notable only by their absence.

The miscellaneous tat left in the shops will be hard to shift even if they offer to pay people 10% of the price to take it away.

On the plus side though, this is one of the few types of shopping where you get to come home with the same amount of money in your wallet as you had when you set out, so its not all bad.

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