Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Santa Strike?

Breaking News: Economic Downturn Leads To Santa Hat Shortage

Due to the recent economic collapse, thousands of UK Santas are left hatless.

New uniforms are traditionally offered to all front-line Santas in March, ready for the start of the new financial year in April. However, due to lack of stock, and the collapse of several small hat-producing contractors on which they relied, this year the new uniforms have turned out to be hatless. Santa management insist the cutback is necessary due to the current economic situation.

Santas are outraged, and their union is conducting emergency meetings in Westminster to consider the possibility of strike action.

Union representatives demand a £5 million bail-out to keep the vital Santa industry afloat, and say that if the government doesn't take action immediately up to 15,000 jobs could be lost, primarily Santa positions but it is believed that a number of Elf positions are also at risk.

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