Tuesday 25 September 2018

CBeebies After Dark

In The Night Garden
Out in the ocean, far away from land, a young sailor, blue with cold, lies dying in his little boat. Taking down his little sail for warmth, he slips into delirium, hallucinating vividly until one by one the stars blink out and he passes on into the blackness of oblivion. With Derek Jacobi.

Wooly and Tig
A young girl, Tig, whose eyes speak of horrors witnessed, lives with her father and his sister. Everyone pretends this woman is her mother, and Tig doesn't know why. She begins to hallucinate about spiders. With That Bloke Off Of Taggart.

Mr Bloom
A man drives around the country in a van, using the internet to invite children to play with him. In a harrowing scene he takes them into his garden shed and shows them his plums. With a Bristolian pretending to be Northern

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